V Type Universal Air Cooled Condensers With Axial Fans

General Information
Developments in New Generation FCW Universal Condensers
• Ø910 mm and Ø800 mm fan options
• For the condensers with Ø800 mm fans 6, and for Ø910 mm fans 8 different sound level options
• Condensers with various fan numbers; from 2 to 20 fans, wide performance range

Friterm Motor Control System (FMC)
FMC Step Control (FMC- S)
The FMC step control is a control system for AC external rotor and standard motors. Basic step version with up to 5 steps and special version is available with up to 15 steps. System ensures uniform utilization of fans and enhances the operational reliability and service life of fans.  

FMC Voltage Control (FMC- V)
The FMC voltage control system is used for AC external rotor motors. This system is the most cost-effective way of controlling the speed and ensures high operational reliability withthis product’s integrated bypass function. This system is not recommended for noise-sensitive applications or with strict energy efficiency requirements.

FMC Frequency Control (FMC-F)
FMC frequency control is used for standard motors with a frequency converter as the power unit. It doesn’t cause any control-related noise. Multi power units can be used. Even if a power unit fails this product is equipped with hardware and software bypass functions, which ensures operation.
This system provides considerable energy savings thanks to continuous modulation of all the fans.

FMC frequency control with all pole sine filter (FMC- F- APSF)
 is used used for AC external rotor motors with a frquency converter as the power unit. This is an absolute necessity for external rotor motors.

FMC EC Control (FMC- EC)
FMC  EC Control is combined with high efficient EC fans and ensures ideal solution with respect to energy efficiency and noise emissions.

• Friterm FCW series condensers are designed for outdoor installation including 4 different noise levels. No external pressure drop is considered.
• The fans arranged in single rows from 2 to 10 and in double rows from 4 to 20.
• Capacity range: 78 to 2095 kW

Coil Block
• Staggered tube alignment,
• Internally grooved copper tubes specially for condensers, aluminium fins,
• 2,1 - 2,5 mm of standart fin pitches. Other fin pitches are optional,
• Circuit design are suitable for refrigerants R404A, R507, R134A, R407A and R407C. The mentioned catalogoue capacities are valid for R404A.
• Sliding collars and free holes system combination used in supporting end-plates that prevents any contact between tubes and end-plates and this system ensures long life operation without leakages.
• Manifolds and inlet- outlet connections are copper. Schrader valve is supplied on inlet manifold.
• Standart Test Pressure: 34 bar (PED 2014/68/EU)

• Condensers have their own self supporting construction and do not require any extra accessories for installation on steel or concrete base.
• Polyester based electrostatically powder painted galvanized steel, which provides excellent UV and corrosion protection, is used for casing. Standard color is RAL 7044.
• Each fan chamber is separated by internal baffle plates to prevent induced windmilling of off-cycle fans.
• All models are equipped with lifting eyes.

• Highly efficient axial Ziehl Abegg, EBM or equivalent fans with diameters 500 mm, 630mm, 800 mm, 910 mm are used in suction direction for condensers.
  -  (S) Standard,
  -  (L) Low,
  -  (Q) Quite
  -  (E) Extremely Quite,
• Electrical specifications for 500/ 630/ 800/ 910 mm fans are 400V 3~50Hz, could be run at two different speeds and EC fans with speed control is optional.
• Variable fan speed regulation can be achieved by using three phase fans with frequency inverter and all pole sine filter.
• All motors feature internal protection and protection class IP54; insulation class F.
• Ambient temperature range for exterior operation is between -40°C and +50°C / +65°C. For standart fans, temperature for exterior operation can be +75°C according to fan type.
• Different fans and motors are optional for high working temperatures.
• Fans are running in a housing designed to maximize air flow rate. Guard grilles of fans are standart.
• Friterm reserves the right to use fans of different manufacturers. Depending on the  type, the fan data may slightly vary.

• Indicated sound pressure levels comply with EN 13487.
• Sound levels are obtained from sound power level data (LwA) of the fan manufacturers.
• Consult an expert for critical sound requirements.

• Mounting legs
• Cable tray

• Other fin pitches are optional     
• Other fin material options
   - Coated aluminium fins
   - Aluminium magnesium alloy fins
   - Copper fins
• Complete epoxy coated coil      
• Stainless steel tube   
• Stainless steel casing
• Stainless steel manifold
• Different color options for casing
• Adiabatic cooling system
   - Ecomesh spray system
   - High (Fogging system) and low pressure direct spraying system
• Threephase step control terminal box
• Different speed control  
   - Step control
   - Voltage control
   - Frequency control     
   - EC Control
• Vibration dampers    
• Different connection types
• Axitop/ flowgrid      
• Openings for cleaning etc.  
• EC fan    
• Junction box
• MODBUS communication protocol
• Handrail/ Ladder     
• High mounting legs   
• Other fan and motor options for high working pressure
• UV resistant safety switch

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