Friterm Air Cooled Condenser 
Friterm Air Cooled Condenser 

Friterm offer standard air cooled condenser series in 3 different model.  Capacity range is 10-1430 kw for horizontal/ vertical type universal air cooled condenser, 106-2170 kw for V type universal air cooled condenser and 6-56 kw for commercial type air cooled condenser according to EN327.  Products are selected easily and rapidly at different condition in “Friterm Product Selection Software (FSP)”.Friterm standard air cooled commercial and industrial condensers were certified by Eurovent Certita Certification. 

Friterm has different air cooled condenser series depending on the refrigerant such as NH3, CO2, propane, HFC/HFO. Units that use refrigerants such as ammonia or propane are currently still excluded from Eurovent Certification because there are no independent laboratories to carry out appropriate tests.  

Whatever the specific requirements, Friterm has the right custom-made solution to suit every application and enable environmentally friendly operation of the installed systems. For every type of application, the suitable material combinations are selected from a wide range of possible materials. A wide range of tubes such as copper, K-65, stainless steel and fin materials such as aluminium, aluminium alloys (e.g. AlMg3), epoxy coated aluminium, copper are available in many different tube geometries. Tube material is selected by Friterm sales engineers in considering refrigerant and limitation of the material in the process it is exposed.

One of the important factor to choose the right air cooled condenser is, the difference between condensation temperature and condenser inlet air temperature. Adiabatic cooling system is used in order to decrease air inlet and condensation temperature. Friterm offer three different adiabatic cooling systems; direct water spray, ecomesh water spray and adiabatic cooling pad system. 

In adiabatic cooling pad systems, cool pads are placed in special sheet metal assemblies which are mounted in front of fin block. With the aid of the pump, water wets the pads from the upper part of the pad system. The outside air, which is dry and hot, is pre-cooled by passing through wet cooling pads. The temperature of the air that contact with the wet cooling pads is approximated to the wet thermometer temperature. Water consumption and energy consumption are lower in adiabatic cooling pad system.

Adiabatic Cooling Pad System/ Adiabatic Pre-Cooling System for Ammonia Condensers.