Starbox Condenser Unit

General Information
STARBOX Condenser Unit models are designed in 2 main series which are STARBOX - N (Normal series), STARBOX - T (Tropical series). It's also ideal for long lasting outdoor installation of all applications in refrigeration and air conditioning. Besides, it has 2 different noise levels of (S) Standart and (L) Low Noise

Condenser units with their own support system do not require extra mounting equipment for placing. Electrostatically powder painted galvanized steel, which provides excellent UV and corrosion protection, is used for casing.(Standart RAL 7044)

High efficiency profiled aluminium fins with staggered copper tubes are used. Test pressure is 34 bar, and they are delivered under positive pressure.

Fans are PITSAN and EBM or equivalent brand in Ø400 - Ø450 mm diameters. Speed control can be applied to all the motors. And also fans are equipped with steel protection grill in standard. Recommended maximum start for motors is 6 starts / hour. In case of prolonged stoppage of system, run the fan motors at least 2 hours/month. Insulation classes are IP 54.

As a standard the system accessories composed of; liquid receiver, solenoid and ball valves, sight glass, liquid line filter drier, high and low pressure control presostat.
Starbox condenser units are manufactured without compressors. As optional starbox condenser units can be manufactured with manometers or electric boards. Other materials are available as optional against corrosive atmosphere conditions:
Epoxy, hydrophilic coated aluminum fins or complete epoxy coated coil is optional.

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