Nh3 Ammonia Coolers

General Information
• Ammonia coolers are specially designed for medium and large industrial cold room, frozen storage ,blast freezing and fast cooling room applications.
• Friterm NES ceiling mounted single discharge evaporators draws air across coils .
• Triphase fans provides coolers to be suitable for not only fast cooling but also low air circulation applications.
• Friterm NES series consist of 432 models with wide variety of accessories incorporates capacity range between 3 kW- 250 kW

Coil Block
• 50 x 50 mm straight alignment,
• 15 mm AISI 304 stainless steel tubes,
• 4-7-10-12 mm of standart fin pitches. Other fin pitches are optional,
• Aluminium fins,
• Inlet and outlet connectors are AISI 304 stainless steel,
• Standart refrigerant connections are positioned on the right hand side of the direction of the air flow.
• Optimized circuit design,
• Test Pressure: 34 bar

• Casing material is AlMg3 or galvanised steel depending on model and dimensions.
• All products are powder coated with RAL 9016 providing high corrosion resistance, smooth surface and decorative appearance.
• Standart hinged side coverings provide easy access to connections.

Drip Tray
• Drip tray can be producted as hinged or dismountable depending on model and dimensions.
• Drip tray with insulation is optional.

• Highly efficient axial Ziehl Abegg, EBM or equivalent fans are used in 400-450-500-630-800 mm diameters.
• Motor protection IP44 and IP54; insulation class B and F.
• Minimum working temperatures are -25  ̊C for monophase fans and -40 ̊C for triphase fans.
• Special fans should be used under operating conditions below -40 ̊C.
• Fans are arranged for standart draw through air configuration.
• 400/450 mm fans 230V 1~50 Hz; 500/630/800 mm fans 400V 3~50Hz,
• Triphase fans can work at two different speeds. Furthermore, EC fans providing speed control are optional.
• Variable fan speed regulation can be achieved using triphase fans with frequency inverter and sine filter.
• Working at low ambient temperature and high air resistance; thermistors must be used for motor protection.
• Streamers providing extra air throw distance are optional.
• Friterm reserves the right to use fans of different manufacturers. Depending on the type, the fan data may slightly vary.

• Indicated sound pressure levels comply with EN 13487.
• Sound levels are obtained from sound power levels (LwA) of the fans.
• Consult an expert for critical sound requirements.

Hot Gas Defrost
• The standard coolers are suitable for hotgas defrost system.
• The compact evaporator coil with the small tube pitch and high heat transfer coefficient, ensures a uniform and effective defrostting and a short defrosting time.
• Hot gas defrost with tubes positioned in drip tray is optional.
Electrical Defrost
• Electrical defrost is a standard application in coilblock and optional in drip tray.
Water Defrost
Air Defrost

• Hotgas defrost in coil,
• Hinged side coverings,
• Hinged or dismountable drip tray,

• Hot gas defrost in drip tray,
• Electrical defrost,
• Water defrost,
• Coated fins,
• Coated coilblock,
• Brakets for wall-mounting,
• Feet for floor-mounting,
• AISI 314 or AISI 316 stainless stell casing,
• Fan ring heaters,
• Air streamers,
• Textile hose connnection,
• Defrost flap,
• Speed controllers,
• Motor protection switches,
• Other fin pitches ,
• Other number of rows,
• 60 Hz motors,
• EC fans,
• AISI 316 tubes ,
• Insulated drip tray,
• Fan hood,
• Blow-Through configuration system.

• The units are delivered wooden packaged in mounting position.
• Please read operating and maintenance manual for mounting and maintenance

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